International academy S.P.E.K.T.R


July 19, 2022 in a charming Crystal Hall Grand Hotel Rogaška was held ART ROGASKA Festival and WINNERS GALA CONCERT  of talented young performers from all over the world, Laureates of art contests organized by International academy S.P.E.K.T.R under the patronage of the Honorary Consul Sandi Brezovnik. 

Gifted musicians from Italy – Federico Bucaioni and Gioia Barbera, Great Britain and Hungary – Katalin Prentice, USA – Andres and Valentina Ramos, Ukraine – Anna Shapoval, Hong Kong – Sapphire Yuka, Croatia – Dorotea Prosnik, Kosovo – Bleona Leka, Slovenia – Lara Hudoklin, Poland – Family Florian, Albert & Matylda Mazurek united in their desire to bring beauty and peace to this world.
WINNERS GALA CONCERT was attended by Samo Krivic – Vice President of Rotary Club Medvode and CEO Sicom invest, Roman Tershovchyn – second secretary of the embassy of Ukraine in Slovenia, Valery Arakelov – Director of Rimske Terme, Ganna Kornieva and Iryna Ozerova – jury members of International committee, Florjan Zorin – Zo-Fing d.o.o., Matija Slak – Director of music school Novo mesto, representatives of Diplomatic services, Ukrainian diaspora, media, press and other guests.
This year, our event was dedicated to supporting talented musicians from Ukraine – Laureates of International academy S.P.E.K.T.R. contests.
Great thanks for support to Častni Konzulat Ukrajine and Danilo Steyer!