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Medical programs


Detoxification of the body is the first step to restoring well-being, energy, vitality and peace of mind.
Trust cooperation with your doctor. You will regain soul and body balance thanks to carefully selected culinary, therapies, wraps and massages, mineral water Donat Mg with the highest magnesium content in the world and other approaches based on an- cient knowledge and most modern medical knowledge.

Program: SlimFit
SlimFit program on Slovenian thermal resorts is an all-inclusive and well-thought-out weight-loss program. Using the latest medical know-how and procedures, it tackles the problem of excess weight. The effective and harmless SlimFit program methods burn fat, firm the flabby body parts, increase flexibility and improve tissue regeneration and their elasticity. The program’s results are further enhanced by altitude training as it stimulates the decomposition of fat cells, regulates metabolism, improves fitness and boosts the immune system. The effect is intensified by massage that also affects your general wellbeing.


Program: Re-Spiro Max
Pulmonary recovery programme for adults
Pulmonary rehabilitation on Lošinj is based on scientifically founded clinical and diagnostic methods that are combined with natural healing factors and the healing aerosol of the Island of Lošinj, all in accordance with centuries-old medical tradition on Lošinj. The pulmonary rehabilitation programme, Re-Spiro, in a term of 1-2-3 weeks is designed for people with mild obstructive breathing disorders, and has been developed in cooperation with Croatian Respiratory Association and Srebrnjak Children’s Hospital from Zagreb.

Program: Zen
Get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and let your body set in motion the processes to achieve self-healing and inner balance. Take advantage of our professionally guided Zen treatments and meditations to improve mindfulness. Here, in the tranquil setting of the Balnea hotel and wellness, where natural materials prevail, in a haven of healing thermal springs and pristine nature, you will discover the path to inner peace – a Zen state.

spektr-zen program