International academy S.P.E.K.T.R

Courses, Trainings


We cooperate with leading European research institutes, universities, academies, medical centers, thermal complexes in organizing specialized programs for advanced training, exchange of experience, certification of specialists in the field of science, technology, medicine according to European standards.

– Professional courses for doctors on the basis of Slovenian medical centers.
– Experience exchange programs in conjunction with Croatian medical institutions.

– Seminars and courses for specialists in constructions, materials, technology, welding, economy.

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Our offer includes:
– an official individual invitation;
– academic studies in English, Slovenian, Ukrainian or Russian;
– support of a professional English, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Russian-speaking organizer-coordinator during the courses, trainings;
– a package of materials in English, Slovenian, Ukrainian or Russian;

For directions:
– Physical rehabilitation (physical therapy)
– Medicine (all directions)
– Construction
– Welding
– Economy
– Biotechnology
– Physical culture and sports recreation


Professional course at the Medical center Rogaska, Slovenia:

Physical therapy in the clinic of internal diseases.
Balneological treatment.